Pornstar of the week: Taylor Vixen

Gorgeous American adult model, Taylor Vixen was born 1983 in Dallas, Texas and made her debut in the adult film industry in March 2009. Her career start was one that could be considered rather weird as she has set it up all by herself by taking pictures and sending them to magazines until she finally hired an agent to expand her borders into the market.

Since then, her career has skyrocketed pretty fast, and the first moment that marked her successful & naughty ascension was when she appeared in the Penthouse’s 40th anniversary edition as Pet of the Month of September 2009.

Taylor Vixen

Just look at that chubby petite body of hers with brown hair and huge natural double D breasts! And that damn hot seductive attitude… Taylor Vixen sure deserves all of your attention! It’s really no wonder that she also got the 2010 Penthouse Pet of the Year title. She was made for the adult spotlight! Continue reading

Pussy licking made simple with ice cream!

Anyone in the mood for an ice cream treat? 😀

I am not talking about eating ice cream per se of course. This is about something way less sugary that can’t give you diabetes and it’s twice more satisfying. 😛

Too many food metaphors? :)). Ok, I won’t beat around the bush, I’ll dive directly into the subject.

If you are interested in learning how to eat pussy… then who better to take advice from than muff divers themselves? 😛


Don’t know if they have a degree in pussylogy or a natural born talent for eating a girl out, but one thing is for sure. Their teaching method is as straightforward as it can get. You might wanna get a few napkins ready for this one… Continue reading

Pornstar of the Week: Malena Morgan

Tall and slender brunette knockout Malena Morgan started her career in the business as a nude webcam model at age 20. Soon after, in 2011,  she eventually started performing in explicit hardcore movies.

Malena Morgan

Even though Malena is more of a solo porn video vixen, she doesn’t mind stripping and playing with other girls too. Cause who doesn’t love a good pussy licking & fingering session, right?! Continue reading

Glamour porn is like sex from Heaven!

Stockings? Lace and sexy underwear? Gorgeous Victoria’s secret-like models? Glamour? Is anyone getting hot like I am right now?

5921 TWB

‘Cause with all these delicious curves, sensual moves and red hot passion flowing from every angle… I just can’t stop myself from daydreaming of kinky adventures with these perfect nymphs. could things could get better than this? I’m gonna give you a clue… it has to do with models… and fucking… and glamour… Glamour Porn! Continue reading