This might be James Franco’s debut as a lesbian porn director!

James Franco “literally can’t open his eyes enough to see who he’s fucking.”, an actress said about the libertine actor’s adventurous sex life.

Keeping that in mind, take a next step and image how a video for a song called I’m a sword swallower for his band Daddy could look through his eyes.

Remember, ladies and gents, he is a well-known pussy lover and pussy advocate routing for gender equality.


Another hint: he’s a sucker for dildo and strapon action and has a soft spot for powerful chicks. Intrigued already?

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When your connected sextoy goes crazy

The dildo world is your oyster and sex toys are getting smarter and smarter with each day.

More pleasure for you, of course.


Take the We-Vibe 4 Plus, for example.

Loved by couples because your partner can control the vibrations and intensity while being away, this playful little thing makes you wonder.

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Kim Kardashian takes the wet t-shirt challenge to another level in Mexico!

It’s never a dull weekend if Kim Kardashian West shows her ass & boobs and offers everyone some serious masturbating material… right?!

And thank fuck there are plenty of weekends that go down like this…


Kim K goes to the beach… Kim takes a selfie… Kim shows her boobs… Kim flashes her pussy… Kim makes a sextape… all in our permanent vocabulary… Right?! Continue reading

How one night of naughty granny swinger sessions taught me about freedom

One of the hottest, most intriguing experiences I’ve ever been through was attending a swingers party. My boyfriend had just left me and I was hanging out with this lovely, busty MILF friend of mine, who kindly took care of me and one night took my sad little ass out right into a paradise I had no clue I’d identify with.

5694 SM

“Behold the wild, unapologetic, naughty universe of swinging”, she said to me when we arrived in this large building which betrayed nothing out of the ordinary, as I was sitting in front of the door. 5 minutes later, I was in the middle of a crazy orgy filled with horny mature men and women who couldn’t have cared less about those extra 5 pounds or saggy boobs – they were free, free to love each other and make the most out of sex, more than I’ve seen anyone my age do it. Wanna know what happened next? Continue reading