Pornstar of the week: Nikita Von James

Coming from Russia, the lovely MILF Nikita Von James is here to make your wild dreams come true. She uses her beautiful enhanced D-cup boobs to her advantage as she gets plowed by men and loves getting wet on and off the camera, the gorgeous blondie being a wild water sports fan.

Nikita von James

A wild soul and a fierce performer exotic and feature dancer, Nikita Von James started her career in the adult industry in 2009 and has been keeping really busy since then! The hot MILF has been working with companies such as Naughty America, Brazzers, Reality Kings, LA Direct Models and has gathered over 70 movies in her portfolio! Continue reading

Things you might or might not see at the new Sex Robot Café in London

So fellatio cafés are a thing right now… everybody seems to be opening them… and cause you know… in UK the laws are pretty harsh for working ladies… nice guy Bradley Charvet decided to bring everyone a bit of happiness by planning to open the first Sex Robot Café from the country…

Sex Robot

Imagine just having your coffee in the morning and getting your cock pleased by some perfectly made lips! Just great! All that at the magical price of £60 (US$78) for a 15 minute blowjob session! Cheap as fuck, right?! Continue reading

Bella Hadid: hardcore and naked for PaperMag issue

You know… the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… and when it comes to the Hadid family… let’s just say the tree has offered us two of the hottest pieces of ass alive! Yep… it’s all about Gigi and Bella Hadid right now… and in the last few weeks we’ve been seeing a lot of them!

And we’re about to see even more! Cause Bella Hadid just slayed the ‘Outspoken’ issue of PapeMag while showing lots of skin!

Bella Hadid

Yep… not only did she make her debut at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this month… but she also decided it was a great time to show us her boobs… Continue reading

Let’s get wet with the Victoria’s Secret Angels!

I’ve been stalking… looking everywhere for more info… more pics… or maybe even some vids with the hottest women on earth! And boy… the wait got me crazy with anticipation! I even got to the point when I was purely ecstatic (with jumping and screaming and moaning and all that jazz…) when the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show premiere night rolled in!

I mean… what’s better than women that are as beautiful as angels, owning that catwalk!?! Just magical, I tell ya’!

Victoria's Secret

The minute I saw my fav girls… things got wet… and steamy… horny even! All of these Victoria’s Secret models are just gorgeous… and this year’s show reminded me why I’m addicted to them!

Let me just explain… Continue reading

Anyone in the mood for some fingering?!

So you might love fingering…! OR you might just be addicted to it and want to get (or give) it ALL the freaking time… like I do!

But you know… it’s really hard when everyone starts acting like a prude! That means no more dirty fun in public… and I can’t live like that! Aaand it seems I’m not the only one… cause the Japanese can’t either…

And they started another internet trend that involves fingers… boobs and pussies… all in the same place!


Yeah… It starts with trying to cover every part of yourself with only one finger… Continue reading