Natural History lesson with a bunch of naked babes

Remember all of those long boring hours when your parents took you to the Natural History museum and everybody insisted in visiting all the halls & learning every little thing about our ancestors?

Well… let’s say that from now on, you’ll be wanting to do this trip more than once a week!

Yep! You got it right! You’ll be wanting to learn all about nature when the exhibit will feature these ladies…


Cause these gals from the latest Normal magazine issue are here to get you back to your roots and show you how real hunting was going down back in the days…


With natural attire, lots of attitude and fierceness!


Oh how I want to be hunted down by some of this babes!


I want to show them that I’m a natural when it comes to chasing orgasms with my tongue…


To be honest… we could make an experience exchange! I’ll show them mine… they’ll play it rough and show me theirs!


Sounds like the best kind of Natural History lesson!

Natural Natural

The kind I would’ve always be attending if it was part of my curriculum!

How about you guys? Wouldn’t you just love learning from these babes?

You’re WelCum! ^_^


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