Naked babes & seductive poses for the Love Advent Calendar!

If you’re not that into Christmas festivities and all the hype until the real deal actually starts… I bet you’ll be now… cause there’s a special Love Advent Calendar that will lift up your mood and get you ready for the holidays!

Love Advent Calendar

But let’s get one thing straight first… advent calendars are all about eating sweets and counting the days until Christmas arrives… this one, tho’… it’s a bit different!

It’s still about eating & counting… but the ingredients are a bit different: hot curves… juicy pussies… insanely seductive attitudes and lots of love for the camera! Continue reading

I have a dream… threesomes, hot babes, endless orgasms

I’ve been having the same dream lately, one of those wet fantasies from which you wake up cumming… I’m in an unfamiliar place and I hear someone moaning from another room. I walk around, trying to locate the source of the sound, when I stumble upon three gorgeous babes satisfying each other’s pussies in a lustful lesbian threesome.


I can’t believe what I’m seeing, these hot nymphs are so passionate, and they want me to join them. Just as I’m about to undress and sit with them, the image fades and I find myself into a different room, watching hot chicks getting satisfied by beautiful throbbing cocks. Continue reading

Pornstar of the week: Ava Devine

Busty lady with big fleshy lips Ava Devine was born under the name Gina Giaco-Dawson in 1974 in Long Island, New York. Ever since she was little, Ava has been a wild, wild soul! She has felt the need of tapping into her wild side earlier than anyone else… that’s why she lost her virginity at the amazing age of thirteen and started off her adult career as a stripper.

Ava Devine

But that stripper thing didn’t last forever! I mean… why just dance in clubs when you can show the whole world the dirty things you’re capable of?! Right? Continue reading

Naked Emily Ratajkowski strikes again with her NSFW book!

So you know how life goes… one day you’re at home masturbating… the next you’re being featured in Robin Thicke’s music video… the next everyone knows about you… and then you launch a very NSFW collection of pics of you! Then you just repeat the process over and over again… until everybody will get a boner whenever you enter the room…


That’s how life seems to go for Emily Ratakjkowski… she’s always finding new ways to show us her beautiful, sexy body! And she never holds back from anything.. I mean… she goes all in… boobs out… pussy exactly in your face… Continue reading

Now you can get a dick in your eye all the time!

We all know makeup is a girl’s best friend but there are things that are even better than that… I mean… as a babe I can definitely tell ya that I love a dick more than my own life… and that feeling of a good fuck can’t be beaten by any kind of makeup or friend encounter for that matter…

And I can say there are lots of babes who think exactly like me… or they love dick even more… Just enough to try to combine the two things women love most and make a trend out of it…


Yep… the dick makeup is a trend right now! Let’s just forget about cat eyes… smooth lines or glittery makeup that hasn’t got any sense…


These babes just know how to play with the dick… and put it where it belongs…


Perfectly positioned for a facial cumshot!


Not even tears can ruin all this… cause wetting their eyes will look as if those dicks had the best kind of gang bang and just came hard!

This is just where extreme makeup trends lead… In the end… the dick gets in your eye no matter what!

You’re WelCum! ^_^