The funniest awkward sex moments of our lives!

We all dream of perfectly coordinated and passionate, sweaty yet arousing sexual intercourse. Hot tunes are playing in the background, everybody’s looking good and orgasming…

Until the cat jumps on the curtains or on your back, just to leave your fantasy and back severely bruised!


I like to think that true intimacy means moving past those moments and the best way to do so is by having a good laugh about it.

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Every sexy thing that went on at Sexy Soccer 2016!

In case you didn’t have the chance to attend it, or you didn’t log on Facebook on time to see our live videos from the hottest sports event of the year (sorry Euro2016… boobs, asses and pussies matter more than all that inter-European competing!!), I just thought I might help you rub one off… 😛

Gif Sexy Soccer


This year’s Sexy Soccer story begun with some really wet weather coming from the south and going deep within… kinda impossible to stay dry when the girls started with the hot stuff… Continue reading

These handmade fuck socks may revolutionize the entire condom industry!

You know, I know, everyone knows… there are not a lot of options for a young aspiring artist, when it comes to making a few bucks in New York City. I mean one can only hope to make an honest living by selling his or hers handiwork on the internet, but that doesn’t always work as planned.

So how did a 24-year-old girl from Brooklyn, pull that off?

Apparently the key to success was combining two of her greatest passions… dicks…


… and knitting. 😛

That’s right, she identified an untapped niche for reusable knit condoms and built a lucrative career around it. 😀

And some of her newest models come with a top-notch automatic tightening mechanism! Unbelievable right?

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