Naked Celebrity of the Month: Emily Ratajkowski

Besides being besties with the one and ONLY Kim Kardashian-West and posting naked selfies on Twitter….

emily whatever

Emily Ratajkowski just happens to be one of the hottest celebrities alive!

emily ratajkovski2

Luckily she loves nude photo shoots so we can’t say we’ll ever be out of fapping material starring this sexy babe!

emily ratajkovski3

But let me introduce you guys properly… 😉


Emily got famous after staring in Robin Thicke’s  “Blured Lines” video where she wandered naked without having any care…

emily ratajkovski4

Soon after her first appearance on screen, the London born model started to work for names like GQ, Treats! magazine, Cosmopolitan, InStyle, FHM, Sports Illustrated, Love magazine and many more!

emily ratajkovski5

And of course she didn’t stop there! This gorgeous girlie went on the big screen too by starring in movies like Gone Girl, the Entourage series, We are your friends and The spoils before dying!

emily ratajkovski1


She’s simply delicious!!!

emily whatever

You’re WelCum! ^_^


If vaginas could make faces they would look like this…

Didn’t you hear? Artist Stephanie Sarley had the brilliant idea of humanizing vaginas in her newest drawings! 😀

Her provocative art was initially meant to convince society to embrace female sexuality. But what she managed to create instead is a real revolution… in our pants. 🙂

From sad faces to cheeky winks, she gave life to our lady parts in a way that nobody dared to do until now. 😛

On a closer look, apart from the good ol’ mouth watering muffins, the artist seems to have taken inspiration from our daily activities as well…

Sipping from a martini glass and looking left and right, hoping that the guy will notice you…


Smoking one cigarette after another while waiting for him to call…


Making cry baby faces or little devil faces when he stands you up…




Or opening up like roses do when you really like the guy…


And letting him air your orchid… or should I say orCUNT?  😉





Where Naked Models Dare

Ohh man…my hands are sweaty! I’m a bit dizzy but I’m fine. No, I didn’t do anything nasty you dirty perverts … for now 😛 . I’ve just seen some amazing pictures and my heart started beating fast.

Yes, it involves women. Beautiful sexy women. Courageous women. Brave women that did something spectacular and unique.

These girls climbed on New York’s tallest skyscrapers and posed for Mar Shirasuna, a Japanese photographer who created an art series entitled “Beauty and NYC”.

Shirasuna tried to capture the beauty that lies within NY which few have had the chance to see.


I’d love to keep her company for just one night!


She’s my hero!

poza 4

Can we watch the sunset together?


Isn’t this babe simply delicious? I’d eat her out right then and there… never mind my dizziness!

My hat off to these girls!

Over and out,


Top 5 pussy BLINGs

Everyone’s heard of piercings… they literally look good anywhere! Nose… tongue… belly button…you name it & they’ll look great! Not to mention the way they feel if they’re positioned in your intimate parts… doing the dirty with a piercing on your clit will make for mind-blowing orgasms… and if the guy’s got it too! Whooaa! Believe me… it’s something from another world!!! 😉 🙂

But when it comes to what’s new… there’s more you can do to make your lady bits look even more juicy… besides vajazzling your love hole! Take a look at my top 5 cum-inducing picks! 😛

1. For the elegant ladies out there… here’s something that will step up your pussy game!

pussy jewl4

2. It’s not just about the looks… it’s about the pleasure too! Just imagine walking with that thing on!!!

pussy jewl3

3. Anyone up for some Fifty Shades of Grey kind of fun? Let’s start with this hardcore hold!

pussy jewl1

4. If you love living the high-life this gold artsy pussy collar is the thing for you!

pussy jewl2

5. You know what they say… pearls don’t lie on the seashore… so if you want one… you’ve gotta dive to get one! Don’t forget to use your tongue 😉


You’re WelCum! ^_^