Ohhh Yessssss! Leonardo DiCaprio wins his first OSCAR!!!

I’ve been waiting… day in and day out for this to happen! And it’s finally done!!

Leonardo DiCaprio got his FIRST Oscar!!!

Leo 1

I wonder how many days he’ll be spending rubbing his… statue like Cate Blanchett did with hers!!


But let’s not worry too much… if anything happens with that golden award… there’s always the bear who can make him win moar!!


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Pamela Anderson naked for a good cause in Paper Mag issue

Former model Pamela Anderson did it again! Baywatch babe posed naked in a racy shoot for Paper magazine. For a good cause, of course! 😛 . The hot looking actress teamed up with French footwear designer Amelie Pichard for collection of cruelty-free shoes.

The American activist is completely naked letting her feet do the talking. Almost unrecognizable with dark hair and big long eyelashes, the former showgirl showed off her incredibly sexy body. So goddamn HOT!!!

“All we can do as humans, as consumers, is search for the truth on our own… Go vegan if you can. Or at least eat less meat (…) I wanted to contribute to fashion and beauty to offer cruelty-free fun choices, she told Paper Mag.




I think she rocks at 48! Don’t you?

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Pornstar Cherry Morgan says “yes!” to a formal date with University of Tennessee student

You know the drill… you like a babe… you want her to go to “prom” with you… you ask her… she says yes and then you fuck!!! Should work on any other kind of occasion, right?

But what if you just happen to be Patrick Goswitz, a University of Tennessee student, and you want to go out on a formal date with pornstar Cherry Morgan? All you can do is ask and hope for the best, right!?!!


And cause Cherry is such a lovely fun babe, she’ll say yes!


Yes… this actually happened & the two of them had a blast at the guy’s formal frat party!!!


And no… even though parents usually attend these “gatherings” the lovely babe didn’t go through that awkward meeting-the-parents thing!!!

cherry morgan

I hope she also likes girls off the screen cause I’m about to ask her out too!! Wish me luck! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Body paint dresses are the new trend in the bridal world

Remember those times when you couldn’t enter the church without something covering your hair? Or without being fully clothed to the point only your face was showing? Yeah?

Forget all about it!!! There’s really no need to go through such things, especially on a wedding day when you can wear a full body paint dress instead!

Think it’s too much? I vote with NO!!! 😉

Easy access during the wedding party, anyone?!? 🙂

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