Nutscapes – the new porn perspective on natural landscapes!

Fresh air… gorgeous views… sunny days… beautiful shots… perfect memories from a beautiful vacation, right?

And if you can also go all natural and take your dick out for some fresh air… that’s perfection for sure!

The guys from Nutscapes can surely guarantee that! Cause they have discovered the best way of including their genitals in their beautiful art!

Enjoy ;)!





You’re WelCum! ^_^


Sports are better when your dick gets sucked!

Why wait for the game to end when you can have sex right on the field… right?

I mean… if you can have your dick wet wherever you are, why not do it?


And how could one refuse such a good girl… her face’s sitting exactly where it should be!

Middle of the crowd? Noo probleeeeem!


Drunk in love? Or just horny…

The grass was green… his dick was hard…


And her big smile says it all…


If you’re just feeling a bit shy, you can always take it to the bathroom…!


There are cameras near the car too, ya’ know?


In the end all this cowboy wanted was to ride…


Smooth… real smooth…!


You’re WelCum! ^_^




Avril Lavigne’s nipple slips while shopping for Halloween pumpkins

It’s not the first time we have an encounter with Avril Lavigne’s boobs, but I can definitely say I was more than ready for another!!! 😉

While going pumpkin shopping, with possibly her new boy Ryan Cabrera, the newly single star was adopting the holiday mood full on by wearing mesh mini-dress with skeleton printing that showed us a sneak peek on her perky nipples!

Avril Lavigne Nipple slip1

Avril Lavigne Nipple slip2

Please, Avril, carve more pumpkins & wear outfits like thaaat all the time!

You’re WelCum!