Pornstar of the Week: Janice Griffith

Born in 1995 on July 3rd in the fabulous city of New York, Janice Griffith is a beautiful nineteen years old babe with brown hair and hazel eyes whose attitude can lure any greedy man and lusty woman in town in a steamy and sexy session.

She started her career in the adult industry in December 2013 by starring in Team Skeet network video titled “Make my dick rise” (which was featured on the “Exxxtra small” site). Although she is a newcomer, this sexy girl has appeared in the last year in many videos and movies such as “James’ house”, “My husband brought home his mistress”, “Penis pixies”, “Too big for teens 14”, “Too small to take it all”, “Fine, I’ll just fuck my stepdad” and many more.

Her toned little body, tight pussy and skilled mouth have made her famous and greatly desired by her fellow actors and x-rated producers who wanted her in their movies. Her preferences when it comes to filming are mostly one on one scenes with both guys and girls where she can show her fun and sexy attitude. She enjoys playing various roles indoors and outdoors, as long as she gets pleased in the end.

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Sasha Grey murdered or not?

So guys, have you heard the latest rumor? You know, the one that says that Sasha Grey was murdered on the battlefield of the Ukraine fights while being a nurse …?! Well, I couldn’t just hang around, see all this and not write something about it.  Sasha is one of the best-known stars in the adult & mainstream industries and I was really curious where all this begun!

Long story short, it seems that on social media the rumor was that Sasha Serova (who seems to be the exact same person as the lovely Sasha Grey) was kidnapped, raped and brutally killed by the Ukrainian separatists. As you can very well guess, every part of this story was a big fat lie and to prove us so, Sasha Grey’s launched a couple of tweets that made it very clear:



This strange propaganda obviously pissed the real Sasha a bit and if you ask me she’s entitled to be, mostly because she is a public figure dragged in big-ass conflict that has killed many innocent lives. More than this, not only the story was untrue, but also it seems that it was a “test” aiming to see how far things would go. If that’s true, not cool guys… not cool!

So… now that’s all been made crystal clear & we know she’s alive and kicking, we can hardly wait to enjoy Sasha’s future movies! Clothes or no clothes on, she looks hot!

You’re WelCum! ^_^


#HenessyDiaries: Thinking of you guys tonight!

Good morning! Having lots of plans for today! First going to Balaton lake with my friends, yay!


Ready, set, go! Balaton lake, here I come! *no pun intended* :))


We are on Balaton, sunny day, great mood!!!



Really nice atmosphere in the little city Tihany; one of my fav places in Hungary.


Back home, tired but up for fun night with my friends!


Hehe, feeling horny tonight… I’ll be thinking about my #PornDoe fans! 😉


Henessy. ♥


Wild on Oscars Night

I don’t know about you, but I love watching award shows where all of the stars from Hollywood dress up and look damn straight fuckable. There’s something about men in tuxes and hot women in fitted dresses that makes me horny all over…That’s why, hoping that this time I wouldn’t end up touching myself again while the winners were being announced, two nights ago I decided to try and see the Oscars gala with my girlfriends.

My evening started quite early when one of the PornDoe girls called to tell me that she was coming over to watch the awards together. The thing is that the babe is so light headed that she always forgets the important stuff. In the heat of the moment you can imagine that’s exactly what happened and sometime near 7pm she arrived in the company of two other hot ladies. Our thirst for a good gossip session and the fact that we didn’t see each other in a long time, made things steamy right from the start as the stories from our daily lives were filling the room (thank you dear Universe for giving us the adult entertainment industry and its wonders!!!).


For a while there, we forgot that we met to see the Oscars…we talked about all the hot studs and all that’s new in the biz, until we got to the point where we started a good drooling-over-each-other session. Did I mention how HOT these friends of mine are?!?!?…We finally decided to try to cool down for a while when the stars begun to walk on the red carpet. It didn’t last long though… and after a few glasses of wine and some more comments regarding the famous people on TV, we were quite ready to see some good action.

When Adam Levine and his hot girlfriend (Behati Prinsloo we all love you!) entered the scene, we started fantasizing so much that we made a full length adult movie in our heads (their sex scene from Animals made things lot easier ). And oh boy! I’d lie if I told you I didn’t enjoy a great lot seeing that my friends started licking each other on the couch.


But guys, for me, the peak of the night was the moment I saw the gorgeous Channing Tatum on screen… yeah, I know he is married, but a girl can dream about him in Magic Mike! I got wet instantly and seeing that the girls weren’t bothered about not being alone in the room, I decided that maybe playing a bit with myself was a good idea after all.


The thing is that when you have good friends, they never let you take care of things by yourself and when the girls saw me all hot and in need, they all turned their attention to me… moans filled the room as one of them was licking my boobs, another was giving me head and the third was fingering me in all the right ways. Before I knew it, I was high in the sky as I rode the weaves of pleasure and came real hard.

Need I say, that after all that, we forgot about the Oscars for a while and we took turns until we were all taken care of?! I doubt so! As we all know (yeah, I know you watch the PornDoe videos too) my girls are very talented and they can take your mind away from a lot of stuff, so I wasn’t really bothered for skipping parts of the big ceremony on Sunday night, but I’m glad I caught some glimpses of Neil Patrick Harris in his underwear though :).


You’re WelCum! ^_^



#HenessyDiaries: Hello, Vienna!

After a long week of hard work, I thought I deserve a little Monday to myself, so I decided to visit some good friends of mine and take the first plane to Vienna in order to see them. The trip was amazing; really needed that! A had fun, exploring the beautiful city, shopping and eating delicious meals all day long. Yum!

Let’s get out of the bed…


Who’s up for a little trip to Vienna?


Vienna airport – breakfast in my favourite cafe here!


So happy I have the chance to visit this amazing city on such a beautiful day!


Dessert time! Chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream! Mmmm 🙂


And of course some shopping! I love beautiful things… :))


Finally home! Gift from my friend, love it! 🙂


Shower before bedtime… soooo tired, but tomorrow will be a great day! Good Night!


Henessy. ♥