Ireland Baldwin was hiding some serious FUCK ammo’ under those clothes!

Well… talking about daddy porn… this is just a whole other crazy level of getting horny! Cause Ireland Baldwin could definitely take the crown for sexy daughter of the week… month… year… millennium for fuck’s sake!!! 🙂

I just wonder how Alec Baldwin is holding his dick down when he sees that hottie of a daughter he has helped creating!


Hard ha? Well, it’s about to get harder!!! Continue reading

Enticing nude Asian babes and their undies will brighten your day

I have a confession to make… I love panties! From normal briefs to boyshorts, thongs and g-strings, there are so many awesome panty designs there to protect our sensitive areas and highlight our pretty asses, and today I want to share one of my bucket list items.


The beauty to the left in the photo above, Bei Kuo, just launched her organic cotton lingerie line, and it’s so damn sexy! To make things even hotter, she teamed up with photographer Danny Lane for an amazingly seductive photoshoot published in Nakid Magazine featuring herself and another gorgeous Asian friend. The girls look incredibly luscious and delicate as they’re captured in intimate poses wearing these lovely, flattering undies. Take a peek, after the jump. Continue reading

Use your donut the right way and shoot a babe’s ass with it!

Don’t know about you guys but I love, love, love donuts! I adore them! I can’t live without them (and without dem good, hot, golden fries… but that’s beside the point right now)!!! They are a tasty miracle of the modern world… and they sometimes resemble a sweet pussy that can be devoured….

No… it’s not just my imagination talking… they can look pretty hot… when you use them properly! That if you either put them on your guy’s dick and give him a sweet hot rub & blow job… or you can get a bit wilder and try something else!

milk butt

Like shooting at a babe’s milky ass with a gun filled with donuts and filming everything in super slow motion…. Tasty as fuck… right? Continue reading

Indulge your appetite for fetish with Beijing’s first BDSM restaurant

Ah, BDSM… the salt and pepper of sex, turning vanilla into spicy with all these kinky games… I’ve always been fascinated by this world, I love all the costumes, toys and paraphernalia, not to mention the actual sex which is divine, pain and pleasure do wonders together!


Imagine if you could combine this fetish love with another simple pleasure of life… food. That’s exactly what 27 year old Chinese woman Lu Lu had in mind when she opened Beijing’s first BDSM themed restaurant, Ke’er, dedicated to the younger clientele who’s more open minded and willing to explore their sexualities. The restaurant is decorated with lots of kinky objects which I’m sure arouse the mind of the clients. I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to eat while staring at handcuffs and not think about how I wanna get tied up and fucked… Continue reading

Voluptuous model Alex Hanson bares it all in enticing book

Summer’s finally coming around again and I’m pretty excited to see what amazing seasonal photoshoots we’ll get to enjoy. Fortunately, the photos have already started rolling, so I want to share a shoot I’ve really enjoyed, featuring wonderful busty model Alex Hanson.


The stunning babe got immortalized on film by Jonathan Leder, who highlighted her sensational beauty and breathtaking curves with a beautiful series by the pool, where Alex looks both natural and titillating. Enjoy these enticing photos featured in the book “Alex” right after the jump. Continue reading