Are sex robots taking over the world?!

Sex with robots? Where? Sign me up! Forget about relantionships! Who needs them when you have plastic naked silhouettes shaped like your favorite Ponrstars?!

Too much of a hustle anyway! With robots you don’t need to beg for attention or love, you just need to be horny.

Ahh… speaking like a true sociopath! No, there’s nothing wrong with sociopaths… sorry I wanted to say introvert people! I hate being bipolar, it’s awesome!

sex doll2

No, no, no… forget everything I’ve said. That cat food made me a bit dizzy.

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Survey: What skills people think a Pornstar needs

As you know porn is a huge industry, very competitive and always expanding (like a guy’s dong when he sees a half-naked chick walking down his alley…because you know… of the heat).

It’s full of talented actors and inundated with young aspiring performers dying to make a living out of it and loads of money. Then spend it all on cat food and toys for their UBER cute pets aaaand… WAIT… no that’s just me! Me and Oprah, she’s crazy about her dogs in case you didn’t know. Don’t believe me, google it 😛 .

Porn is bigger than life, bigger than the Sun, bigger than Kayla Kleevage’s ginormous boobs! It will never die and is probably the best entertaining business ever, besides movies!

penis gif

But why? Why is it so entertaining, so addictive, so fun to watch, why do we feel so good when watching it?

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He might be oldie, but Robert De Niro’s a goldie when it comes to getting dirty

There’s something really hot about girls letting a man do all the work. Especially older guys, don’t you think?

I find it very exciting and well… mmm… arousing. Think about it… her soft young pussy rubbing against his hard strong crotch, her boobs getting groped by his manly, firm, powerful hands and his deep voice whispering in her small ear words like: “I own your pussy, now!” or “Finally you get to taste a real cock!”.

gropping boobs

And the same goes for men.

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