Sex toys… like you’ve never seen before!

Bored of your old dildo and you’re looking from something better? Maybe something a bit on the wild side… that’s gonna make your senses explode and lead you to the happy land of never ending orgasms! Something that you’ve never seen or tried before…

Seems pretty impossible sometimes… right? My dildo collection can back that up… dunno what’s NOT in there! 😉

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Dildos… dildos everywhere on the streets of Austin, Texas!

If it’s a matter of choice… I’ll always go for #CocksOverGlocks!!! Like everybody in Austin, Texas is doing!!!

But why the sudden interest in dildos & carrying them in public for numerous weeks in a row?

Well… the thing is some smartass thought it was a pretty good idea to allow students to carry guns when going to classes…


So if guns are allowed… PUBLIC ORGASMS ARE TOO! And for that you need a sex toy to help you fit all that pleasure under the desk! One or 4000 to be more precise! Continue reading

When your connected sextoy goes crazy

The dildo world is your oyster and sex toys are getting smarter and smarter with each day.

More pleasure for you, of course.


Take the We-Vibe 4 Plus, for example.

Loved by couples because your partner can control the vibrations and intensity while being away, this playful little thing makes you wonder.

How far and how much better can it get? Continue reading

Cum, said the Fleshlight & the iPad!!!

Long forgotten are the days when you chatted on one of your favorite cam sites with a really hot babe and you had to rub one by yourself…

Long forgotten are the times when it felt good but not just right… 😉


Cause some geeky guys have thought about everything you’re feeling when you need to get off and you don’t have anyone close enough to make your dick shoot its load! So these guys got working… until, after two years with loads of hot orgasms and wild fun, they invented something awesome! Continue reading