Natural History lesson with a bunch of naked babes

Remember all of those long boring hours when your parents took you to the Natural History museum and everybody insisted in visiting all the halls & learning every little thing about our ancestors?

Well… let’s say that from now on, you’ll be wanting to do this trip more than once a week!

Yep! You got it right! You’ll be wanting to learn all about nature when the exhibit will feature these ladies…


Cause these gals from the latest Normal magazine issue are here to get you back to your roots and show you how real hunting was going down back in the days… Continue reading

Naughty Kylie Jenner is the queen of calendars this year!

This is the year of the calendars! The year when every chick out there is getting rid of her clothes and showing us juicy body parts each month… Yep… all fun and games until things got pretty steamy! Like really, really hot! Cause Kylie Jenner joined the movement and shot her own version of 12-month of guaranteed pleasure!

Kylie Jenner

Who else can speak? Or Talk straight? Or Anything?

Cause Kylie Jenner is almost naked… and she’s also almost sucking… what red blooded being would be capable to ignore that?! Continue reading

Weekend soirée with Kylie Jenner’s boobs and curves!

Maybe you’ve heard the news… maybe not… but when it comes to Kylie Jenner’s boobs… you really need to see and enjoy! And that’s exactly what you can do right now… cause this gorgeous piece of ass is launching her new shop with a bunch of fiery poses!


Yep… boobs… nipples and curves are all included! Kylie Jenner made our weekend better, wetter and harder with the pics from her latest photo shoot with Sasha Samsonova! Continue reading

Tallulah Willis knows how to make you hard with a bunch of naked pics!

When Tallulah Willis decided it was a good idea to get rid of her clothes and pose nude for Tyler Shields’ new book, Provocateur… she just made sure any red blooded human being out there will be up and ready to play!


Can’t say she doesn’t have one thing in common with her father for sure… both of them know a thing or two about hardness… one it’s hard to kill… the other makes you go hard in seconds!!! Continue reading

Miley Cyrus has got one happy pussy!

If you thought you wouldn’t see much of Miley Cyrus now that she’s in a relationship again with one of Hollywood’s hotties… I must tell you that you were a bit mistaken… cause you know… the wolf changes its coat… but not its nature!!!

Being in the public eye due to wild & dirty behavior is just her thing… and even tho I bet her hubby Liam Hemsworth’s dick is quite enough for some hot orgasms… it’s hard to refuse a gang bang when the opportunity strikes…

That’s why Miley seemed more than ecstatic to get groped… touched… and pushed by her fans…


Call that being close to your fans… Letting them caress your pussy is the new way of keeping them mad about you it seems… Continue reading