Bella Hadid: hardcore and naked for PaperMag issue

You know… the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… and when it comes to the Hadid family… let’s just say the tree has offered us two of the hottest pieces of ass alive! Yep… it’s all about Gigi and Bella Hadid right now… and in the last few weeks we’ve been seeing a lot of them!

And we’re about to see even more! Cause Bella Hadid just slayed the ‘Outspoken’ issue of PapeMag while showing lots of skin!

Bella Hadid

Yep… not only did she make her debut at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this month… but she also decided it was a great time to show us her boobs… Continue reading

Chrissy Teigen’s pussy at 2016 AMA– the uncensored version!

No celebrity gathering can go on without some drama… or someone revealing too much skin! And of course, the 2016 AMA’s were no exception… this time the spotlight being stolen by none other than the gorgeous Chrissy Teigen and her sleek pussy!


Yep… you heard me right… it did happen & honestly it’s really no wonder that tight pussy took over the festivities and made an appearance right on the red carpet! Cause the dress she was wearing was screaming for attention and was in the mood to play dirty!

I’m not deceiving I promise… I’ve got the uncensored version of what went down in there… just take a look… Continue reading

Weekend soirée with Kylie Jenner’s boobs and curves!

Maybe you’ve heard the news… maybe not… but when it comes to Kylie Jenner’s boobs… you really need to see and enjoy! And that’s exactly what you can do right now… cause this gorgeous piece of ass is launching her new shop with a bunch of fiery poses!


Yep… boobs… nipples and curves are all included! Kylie Jenner made our weekend better, wetter and harder with the pics from her latest photo shoot with Sasha Samsonova! Continue reading

Oh Wow… Emily Ratajkowskis boobs are so damn hot!

Yeah so basically I’m wet right now… the kind that needs to be taken care of ASAP! All of this just because this chick… Emily Ratajkowski (possibly the owner of the hottest pair of boobs in the world) decided to rise up the temperature by bathing topless while in Cancun…

Emily Ratajkowski

I can’t even breathe straight… Ever since I saw her in the ‘Blurred Lines’ vid I’m always hoping to see her naked one more time! That’s why when I saw the pics with Emily Ratajkowski from Mexico… I was overcome with a steamy feeling that made my hand go south and reach for what matters most between my legs… Continue reading

Tallulah Willis knows how to make you hard with a bunch of naked pics!

When Tallulah Willis decided it was a good idea to get rid of her clothes and pose nude for Tyler Shields’ new book, Provocateur… she just made sure any red blooded human being out there will be up and ready to play!


Can’t say she doesn’t have one thing in common with her father for sure… both of them know a thing or two about hardness… one it’s hard to kill… the other makes you go hard in seconds!!! Continue reading