Naughty Kylie Jenner is the queen of calendars this year!

This is the year of the calendars! The year when every chick out there is getting rid of her clothes and showing us juicy body parts each month… Yep… all fun and games until things got pretty steamy! Like really, really hot! Cause Kylie Jenner joined the movement and shot her own version of 12-month of guaranteed pleasure!

Kylie Jenner

Who else can speak? Or Talk straight? Or Anything?

Cause Kylie Jenner is almost naked… and she’s also almost sucking… what red blooded being would be capable to ignore that?! Continue reading

Weekend soirée with Kylie Jenner’s boobs and curves!

Maybe you’ve heard the news… maybe not… but when it comes to Kylie Jenner’s boobs… you really need to see and enjoy! And that’s exactly what you can do right now… cause this gorgeous piece of ass is launching her new shop with a bunch of fiery poses!


Yep… boobs… nipples and curves are all included! Kylie Jenner made our weekend better, wetter and harder with the pics from her latest photo shoot with Sasha Samsonova! Continue reading

Kylie Jenner in latex is everything you needed today!

Tho’ everyone is raving that the Kardashian family will start appearing less in the public eye now that Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint not a long while ago… I was deeply suffering from big booty withdrawals and I was hoping the public display of hot bodies won’t stop right away!

Luckily for me… and many other big ass lovers out there… Kylie Jenner is one of the members of the family that can’t get enough attention… so she’s still pretty active in the media!

And by active I mean she just posed in latex lingerie for Complex Magazine and showed the world that fucking great body of hers…


Yep… let the drooling begin… Continue reading

Kylie Jenner celebrates Kim’s victory over Taylor Swift with a hot dance!

Since the internet was broken by Kim Kardashian (once again), and this time it wasn’t because she revealed her boobs, ass or pussy… I’ve been in a constant state of admiration… arousal and thinking that Kim is one fierce lady! And I bet all that fierceness makes Kanye West go wild when they go to bed…

But what about the celebrations after all of this went down?! Anyone in the mood for anything special? Cause here’s one way of celebrating Kim Kardashian’s victory over poor Taylor Swift…


No surprise here that another member of the clan managed to seal the celebratory show… right? After all they are celebrity queens for a reason! Continue reading

#MetGala 2016: Hot Celebrities take over the robot world!

Remember last year’s MET Gala? Where every big name from Hollywood & beyond tried to put on the most revealing outfit and win the night?


Let’s do a little walk on the memory lane and enjoy them for a bit… 😉


Yes… it was that year when Pornstars were classier than Hollywood stars…

So… after seeing all this… I bet you’re curious what happened this year!!!  😉

Welll…   Continue reading