Kim Kardashian takes the wet t-shirt challenge to another level in Mexico!

It’s never a dull weekend if Kim Kardashian West shows her ass & boobs and offers everyone some serious masturbating material… right?!

And thank fuck there are plenty of weekends that go down like this…


Kim K goes to the beach… Kim takes a selfie… Kim shows her boobs… Kim flashes her pussy… Kim makes a sextape… all in our permanent vocabulary… Right?! Continue reading

Kylie Jenner celebrates Kim’s victory over Taylor Swift with a hot dance!

Since the internet was broken by Kim Kardashian (once again), and this time it wasn’t because she revealed her boobs, ass or pussy… I’ve been in a constant state of admiration… arousal and thinking that Kim is one fierce lady! And I bet all that fierceness makes Kanye West go wild when they go to bed…

But what about the celebrations after all of this went down?! Anyone in the mood for anything special? Cause here’s one way of celebrating Kim Kardashian’s victory over poor Taylor Swift…


No surprise here that another member of the clan managed to seal the celebratory show… right? After all they are celebrity queens for a reason! Continue reading