Now you can get a dick in your eye all the time!

We all know makeup is a girl’s best friend but there are things that are even better than that… I mean… as a babe I can definitely tell ya that I love a dick more than my own life… and that feeling of a good fuck can’t be beaten by any kind of makeup or friend encounter for that matter…

And I can say there are lots of babes who think exactly like me… or they love dick even more… Just enough to try to combine the two things women love most and make a trend out of it…


Yep… the dick makeup is a trend right now! Let’s just forget about cat eyes… smooth lines or glittery makeup that hasn’t got any sense…


These babes just know how to play with the dick… and put it where it belongs…


Perfectly positioned for a facial cumshot!


Not even tears can ruin all this… cause wetting their eyes will look as if those dicks had the best kind of gang bang and just came hard!

This is just where extreme makeup trends lead… In the end… the dick gets in your eye no matter what!

You’re WelCum! ^_^


Keep your dick warm with these special knitted goodies

Winter is right around the corner and it’s pretty inevitable not to feel the chilling waves coming from up north… Every year it’s the same… first there’s some rain and then it all turns into winter wonderland in no time… and that’s the exact moment your dick decides to minimize and disappear somewhere it’s warm…

And it’s not that I don’t appreciate a good surprise and be stunned by a growing dick… it’s the cold that I’m having some issues with… So… if we already have this tiny bit of info… why not be prepared this time and keep ourselves warm during the cold winter time… with more than just some regular clothes…

How about using some special warmers this time… Like this scarf here that’s both practical and fashionable…


Or this dick warmer that will help you get over those cold nights and help your dick keep its natural size without wanting to hide deep inside… Continue reading

Brussels woke up to a bunch of dicks!

Let’s face it… waking up with a hard dick in your face is pure heaven!


All of those well-defined veins and that tensioned ‘muscle’ that’s ready to burst makes for a great mood! And if it happens for you to see that everywhere you go… You just might have a really beautiful life… if you ask me!!!

Just like these guys from Brussels are having! Cause see dicks on the buildings of their beautiful town! Continue reading

No more mister blue balls… yes to the niceballs!

Tense? Need something to help you relax… soothe those aching horny needs… and give you that orgasm high you’ve been wanting since you’ve been in the office? Porn is a good idea… but I bet you can’t watch it on your laptop or be the creep that spends hours in the bathroom…

But how about you rub some balls instead…


A pair of rubbery heavenly balls that’s gonna ensure your work related stress will go away in no time! Continue reading

Art or orgy? Or why not both?

It’s all the same when it comes to the modern art world… it’s a never ending string of strange shit that comes out and we just pretend to understand it!

But just this time… I think I got it! Fiinnaallllyy! After all this time! 😀 😀

I just needed to get inspired by the Body and Freedom Festival from Switzerland… and now it’s like having a degree in art! I can even reproduce it on my own!!!!


I can’t stop myself from sharing my artistic wet inclinations wherever I go… especially on the streets!!! Exactly like these guys are doing it!!


Or just show the world this new & improved version of doggie style!

ezgif-1286093618 (1)

So… Anyone wanna create some naked art with me?

You’re WelCum! ^_^