Bella Hadid: hardcore and naked for PaperMag issue

You know… the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… and when it comes to the Hadid family… let’s just say the tree has offered us two of the hottest pieces of ass alive! Yep… it’s all about Gigi and Bella Hadid right now… and in the last few weeks we’ve been seeing a lot of them!

And we’re about to see even more! Cause Bella Hadid just slayed the ‘Outspoken’ issue of PapeMag while showing lots of skin!

Bella Hadid

Yep… not only did she make her debut at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this month… but she also decided it was a great time to show us her boobs… Continue reading

Weekend soirée with Kylie Jenner’s boobs and curves!

Maybe you’ve heard the news… maybe not… but when it comes to Kylie Jenner’s boobs… you really need to see and enjoy! And that’s exactly what you can do right now… cause this gorgeous piece of ass is launching her new shop with a bunch of fiery poses!


Yep… boobs… nipples and curves are all included! Kylie Jenner made our weekend better, wetter and harder with the pics from her latest photo shoot with Sasha Samsonova! Continue reading

Gigi Hadid… naked… bareback riding and sexy!

We all know when someone I say “Victoria’s Secret Angel”, we’re gonna talk about a sexy piece of ass, with a gorgeous face, sassy personality and a pair of boobs that’s gonna rock the whole damn earth! But when I say Gigi Hadid, the Victoria’s Secret Angel… you should definitely be rock hard… or wet… if you’re like me & you’re into babes too!

Yeah… so back to Gigi Hadid! She just got undressed for Allure Magazine! Like a pre “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” teaser, so that we all get a pretty good idea of what’s to be shown this year!

Gigi Hadid

And of course she didn’t do it like any of us would! She got naked, hopped on a horse and started riding it like the reverse cowgirl expert she probably is!

But besides that, she also tried to fool us she’s a good girl with this ethereal appearance and teen looks! Continue reading

Don’t forget! Madonna is giving blowjobs if you vote it right this election!

Yeah… so you might be a bit confused regarding who you wanna go for this election… and I’m right beside ya. I wanna do my job and take advantage of this opportunity of expressing my political views… but at the same time I don’t wanna be wrong! I want to make the wrong choice… So that’s why I’ve been thinking and thinking what am I gonna do! Until Madonna stepped out and helped me decide once and for all!


I’m a sucker for beautiful and powerful women! And I’m also all in when it comes to play with them! So when Madonna offered her blowjob skills in change for a Hillary Clinton vote… I all was up for that! 😉 Continue reading