Bums Bus – Gorgeous twins Silvia Dellai and Eveline Dellai fun sexcapade with Conny Dachs

The bold German lads at Bums Bus are back with another exciting, steamy traffic sex flick.

This one features beautiful twin babes Silvia Dellai and Eveline Dellai, the hot duo you’ll never forget! They passionately munched on and rode Conny‘s big dick while having lots of fun.  Italian beauty Silvia even took some funny, erotic photos of her gorgeous sister while she was working it.

These wild, sexy girls brought the good vibe with them on their steamy sexcapade in the Bums Bus. You have to see them in action!

Bums Bus – Hot babe Sigourney Beaver’s erotic bus fuck with Mike Aurel

You can never get tired of the Bums Bus crew and their steamy fuck fests in public!

Gorgeous British punk Sigourney Beaver stars in a new featured film, alongside bald stud Mike Aurel. This hot alternative babe doesn’t mind putting her sexy bubble butt to work, au contraire, she rides this dude’s huge cock with an enthusiasm you rarely get to see!

Don’t miss out on beautiful Sigourney’s Bums Bus steamy squrting adventure!

Bums Bus – Bumpy bus ride with Mia Blow and Jason Steel

Bums Bus follows the wild sex adventures of uninhibited German babes getting fucked hard in the backseat of the van.

In this new piece, German tattooed blondie Mia Blow goes for a wild and bumpy ride in the Bums Bus. This pretty exhibitionist gets herself pounded hard by experienced co-star performer Jason Steel. Tim Grenzwert’s skillful producing gives off a nice authentic/amateur, gonzo type of vibe to this intense bus fuck session.

The craziest part is that people unknowingly drove right by this nutty traffic sex performance.

Hardcore fantasies and long wild fucks, caught on tape…

Back in the day, when we were wild and always up for kinky adventures, we used to record these adventures and make our own sex tapes.


We didn’t watch them right away, we would wait for time to pass and memories to fade. Years later, we’d reunite and throw viewing parties, exciting ourselves with all the indecent sexcapades of our past… boy, were we wild and proud! Continue reading

Hard, deep, hot and real… all the ways I want you to fuck me

I’ve been thinking of your magnificent cock, craving it more than ever, ’cause there’s nothing like the feeling of it sliding in and out of my wet, excited pussy. Feels like reality, this fantasy of us meeting again and fucking like never before.


I’m patiently waiting for you to come back and take me out, skip the walk in the park and replace it with some nice outdoor sex… Continue reading