Hardcore fantasies and long wild fucks, caught on tape…

Back in the day, when we were wild and always up for kinky adventures, we used to record these adventures and make our own sex tapes.


We didn’t watch them right away, we would wait for time to pass and memories to fade. Years later, we’d reunite and throw viewing parties, exciting ourselves with all the indecent sexcapades of our past… boy, were we wild and proud! Continue reading

Hard, deep, hot and real… all the ways I want you to fuck me

I’ve been thinking of your magnificent cock, craving it more than ever, ’cause there’s nothing like the feeling of it sliding in and out of my wet, excited pussy. Feels like reality, this fantasy of us meeting again and fucking like never before.


I’m patiently waiting for you to come back and take me out, skip the walk in the park and replace it with some nice outdoor sex… Continue reading

Not afraid this Halloween! Just horny & ready for a costumed fuck fest!

It was a cold, dark night… fog everywhere… and there was a bizarre silence that no one was used to anymore! The roads were empty, the woods seemed dangerous… and the atmosphere was just packed with that typical Halloween mystery… until suddenly the Bums Bus came to a stop and some strange things started happening!

You might think it was just the scary vibe of Halloween that’s just around the corner… but I’m not so sure that was it… They got lost… and instead of getting scared, crying & screaming… our guys got hotter & hornier and everything turned from a mad nightmare into a full on dirty adventure!


You know… how it goes… sometimes you suck at directions… and then a vampire shows up and sucks you too… Continue reading

Good guys go to heaven… dirty guys get pleased & win Bums Bus prizes!

Surprises love company… and our naughty German Bums Bus team knows exactly how to please ya this fall! They’ve got it all: hot babes, famous German pornstars, crazy backseat fucking sessions and some kick ass prizes!!!


Yeah! You heard me right… it’s all about scoring… and winning! So that’s why the Bums Bus team decided it would be a fantastic idea to join the #ChicasLoca movement and offer some prizes to the most creative lads out there! Continue reading

Fucking my lust away, reality-porn style

I’ve always been a fan of unconventional, rather risky sex. It’s hard to get off on vanilla loving, I always need something more to excite me and bring that fucking session to another level. I’ve got a lifetime of banging in front of me, so why be repetitive? I still remember my first “special” sexperience, when my boyfriend and I decided to make a sextape. I still have it, and boy, do I love watching myself sucking cock decades after…


After this hot adventure, I was hooked. I was always craving more… Luckily, I’ve had some equally perverted men in my life to help me gather the wildest tales of lust and desire… Continue reading