If you wanna become a musician, learn the ass play!

It’s no news that our bodies produce vibrations that can easily pass as authentic music sounds.

I am not talking about hand clapping, toe tapping, chest thumping or finger snapping…

I am talking about something way kinkier… yep… butt slapping!

I mean who says that a woman’s butt cheeks can’t make a nice song? 😀

gozilax-81bur-e31afbIn other words if you find yourself interested in the sound made by a slapped butt and enjoy exploring authentic body percussion sounds, then you might be onto something.

Cause apparently you are not the only one… this Spanish guy discovered the new feature of the butt and showed up on Ukraine’s Got Talent, with a few of his friends who apparently had no problem surrendering their butts for art’s sake.

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Kylie Jenner celebrates Kim’s victory over Taylor Swift with a hot dance!

Since the internet was broken by Kim Kardashian (once again), and this time it wasn’t because she revealed her boobs, ass or pussy… I’ve been in a constant state of admiration… arousal and thinking that Kim is one fierce lady! And I bet all that fierceness makes Kanye West go wild when they go to bed…

But what about the celebrations after all of this went down?! Anyone in the mood for anything special? Cause here’s one way of celebrating Kim Kardashian’s victory over poor Taylor Swift…


No surprise here that another member of the clan managed to seal the celebratory show… right? After all they are celebrity queens for a reason! Continue reading

We gon’ party like it’s Kanye West’s Birthday!!!

You wanted to have some good old fashioned gangsta’ rapper party and you didn’t have an occasion? I’m here to help… cause today’s Kanye West B-day and we all have a reason to celebrate and start the party the right way…


With a gift of course… a beautiful oily booty gift to set the mood right… and to make papa Kanye horny enough he’ll take good care of his beautiful wifey Kim Kardashian, cause no booty is better than hers!!! Continue reading

Mermaids got nothing on hottie Rosanna Arkles!

You know how the story goes…

Ariel wanted the D… so she did everything she could’ve to have it… like have an agreement with the biggest bitch around, seduce a hottie and go to a ball… anything so she could stay on dry land and have a vagina…

But let me tell you… if mermaids looked like Rosanna Arkle… I’d say Ariel didn’t pick the right side…

Rosana Arkle

I’d give my breath away just to have a chance to lick that dripping wet pussy… or these really round boobs… Continue reading

Rihanna’s got a new favorite sport: Grinding her ass all over Drake!

I can’t even count anymore how many times this has happened before… But since it keeps on going on and on and getting hotter and hotter, I CAN’T complain!

Who doesn’t love it when Rihanna is shaking her ass?

giphy (2)

She just knows what to do with that booty!!! Puts it where it belongs… right over Drake’s cock…

giphy (1)

So hot… I’d love it if a sex tape of these two would surface by “mistake”!!!!

giphy (3)

So guys… could you make my dream come true? So I can get off watching you two having sex? Thanks!!!

You’re WelCum! ^_^