All I want for Christmas is boobs!

A new watch? Maybe a new drone? Or something for the garden? That’s what you might want for Christmas right now… but no guys! That’s now how you roll… let me help you! All you want for Christmas is boobs!

Yeah! Nice, round, soft, sexy boobs with piercings & hard nipples that are waiting to be licked! And maybe covered in a bit of a festive attire! Just perfect to heat up the winter days and make everything steamy as fuck!


The right kind of Christmas decorations if you ask me…. I won’d be needing anything else as long as I get to play with these Reindeers! They just seem like my type of dirty winter season fun!
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Boobs fish and everything you wish!

Let’s just take a minute… or two… or three to think about boobs! So gorgeous… so soft… they come in so many shapes and sizes… always making us feel like we’re seeing a new pair!

And when those boobs get wet… daaamn! It’s just pure heaven! That’s why I don’t think you’ll be bothered to get a small gift from me…


Yep! BOOBS! Lots of boobs! One pair for each month… but there’s a catch! Continue reading

Oh Wow… Emily Ratajkowskis boobs are so damn hot!

Yeah so basically I’m wet right now… the kind that needs to be taken care of ASAP! All of this just because this chick… Emily Ratajkowski (possibly the owner of the hottest pair of boobs in the world) decided to rise up the temperature by bathing topless while in Cancun…

Emily Ratajkowski

I can’t even breathe straight… Ever since I saw her in the ‘Blurred Lines’ vid I’m always hoping to see her naked one more time! That’s why when I saw the pics with Emily Ratajkowski from Mexico… I was overcome with a steamy feeling that made my hand go south and reach for what matters most between my legs… Continue reading

Bouncing boobs take over Twitter with the #TawawaChallenge!

One thing I love about Twitter is that all the Japanese babes out there can start any kind of challenge… and everyone’s gonna be on board no matter what… no NO-NIPPLE policy… no hiding anything… just pure, natural fun!

And when a challenge like that includes big boobs… petite Asians and some bouncing… YOU JUST HAVE TO SAY YES!


This time it’s all about balancing a smartphone on top of your tits! The #TawawaChallenge is just here to make you drool and fall in love with Asian boobs! Continue reading

Marion Cotillard wears her boobs on her face!

Besides being a gorgeous French woman that seems to have stolen everyone’s hard dicks (maybe even Brad Pitt’s)… Marion Cotillard knows a thing or two about being seductive and getting what she wants. And she was just nice enough to share it with us girls and teach us a precious lesson!

It’s always best to wear your boobs where everyone can see them!


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