Skin so soft – nude, inked up, too voluptuous for your own good!

Don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of fierce, alternative chicks who aren’t afraid to be themselves and own their style. Luckily for me, these days there are more and more women who let go of inhibitions and have the courage to expose their hidden sides, whether it’s through tattoos, piercings or fashion, allowing us to admire and bow before their beauty and independence.


One of these stunning ladies is Sacramento based Jessie’Le Nguyen, an educator and artist who’s eager to express herself and remind people that there’s so much more going on beyond the looks. “Most see my tattoos, big breast and FAR TOO OFTEN look of bewilderment as a negative, little do they try and see past any of that.” Challenging this idea, she posed nude in an arousing shoot with photographer Lai Man Cheung, baring her incredible, appetizing curves and amazing tattoos and daring us all to look and see what’s beneath the skin-deep surface… Continue reading

Enticing nude Asian babes and their undies will brighten your day

I have a confession to make… I love panties! From normal briefs to boyshorts, thongs and g-strings, there are so many awesome panty designs there to protect our sensitive areas and highlight our pretty asses, and today I want to share one of my bucket list items.


The beauty to the left in the photo above, Bei Kuo, just launched her organic cotton lingerie line, and it’s so damn sexy! To make things even hotter, she teamed up with photographer Danny Lane for an amazingly seductive photoshoot published in Nakid Magazine featuring herself and another gorgeous Asian friend. The girls look incredibly luscious and delicate as they’re captured in intimate poses wearing these lovely, flattering undies. Take a peek, after the jump. Continue reading

Sophie Ebrard’s behind the scenes photos capture love and beauty in porn

One of my biggest fantasies is getting to assist during a porn movie shoot, it’s a fascinating peek into the side of porn which not many people know, or even imagine. There’s so much love and beauty in porn, and this is exactly what London-based photographer Sophie Ebrard documented over a period of four years spent on set with porn director Gazzman.


The photo series “It’s just love” made me fall even harder for these beautiful people, wishing I could be there and witness these little precious intimate and humane moments which can’t be seen in movies, as well as admire their glorious bodies, souls and sex moves. Continue reading

Voluptuous model Alex Hanson bares it all in enticing book

Summer’s finally coming around again and I’m pretty excited to see what amazing seasonal photoshoots we’ll get to enjoy. Fortunately, the photos have already started rolling, so I want to share a shoot I’ve really enjoyed, featuring wonderful busty model Alex Hanson.


The stunning babe got immortalized on film by Jonathan Leder, who highlighted her sensational beauty and breathtaking curves with a beautiful series by the pool, where Alex looks both natural and titillating. Enjoy these enticing photos featured in the book “Alex” right after the jump. Continue reading