No more mister blue balls… yes to the niceballs!

Tense? Need something to help you relax… soothe those aching horny needs… and give you that orgasm high you’ve been wanting since you’ve been in the office? Porn is a good idea… but I bet you can’t watch it on your laptop or be the creep that spends hours in the bathroom…

But how about you rub some balls instead…


A pair of rubbery heavenly balls that’s gonna ensure your work related stress will go away in no time! Continue reading

Guy fools Domino’s with his balls

It’s never a bad time for pizza… and if it’s one with some extra juicy toppings on it… You should put your creativity to the test and do whatever you need to get it!

And by being creative I mean get your balls involved in the process… 😉


After you rub them real good and you give them the time of the day…. It’s time to put them to work… Continue reading

Easter’s coming with hot prizes from the Bums-Bus

It’s not long until everyone will be celebrating Easter and will be playing with their eggs!!! Just a few more days until the fun starts!!

But what if we spice things up for a bit & play it dirty this time?

How?! With a Bums-Bus contest! 😀 🙂 😀


Long-story-short the whole thing goes something like this: You paint your eggs… post your work of art on the official Bums-Bus Facebook page, gather the most likes and get the big prize!!!

And believe me… the prize is as hot as a never-ending orgasm!!! Cause it includes a super cool Bums-Bus T-shirt and one egg-shaped sex toy that will provide you those never-ending climaxes I mentioned!

So… what do you say… Are you in?! 😉 😛

You’re WelCum!



There’s a new sex game in town: Park your dick in that cock garage!

Games have sure cum a long way since the snake era…

And while there might be plenty of sex-related video games on the internet right now, this one definitely takes the cake for the most hilarious one.:)

Genital Jousting is about penetrating ass holes with surgeon-like precision and looks like a fun multiplayer game to try with both your female and male friends.

That is of course, if they are open-minded and can leave aside the fact that, this game is basically about a bunch of dicks chasing each other around in all kinds of funny outfits. From regular t-shirts… to fancy tuxedos and even dresses.

The release date was set for April 2016… But until then, here’s a little preview….


If you are still wondering how is it that you score, well … the purpose is to lock your cock in between those sweet cherry buttocks. 😛

When that happens, the game makes a really funny sound effect and every player involved in the “penetration” gets points.

I just hope that it will come in 3 difficulty levels… easy, medium, and hard.

And if you are wondering how is it that those pulsating dicks find their way into the tight ass hole… it’s because their heads have developed tunnel vision after getting so balls-deep in other holes. 🙂