Ah, the crazy things you can stick up your ass!

One of the things you learn when you spend time on the internet? The world is a crazy place filled with hot chicks whose past time activities involve shoving whatever they can up their asses.


These wild chicks with a serious anal fixation can make pretty much any object seem like a good sex toy idea! Food, kitchenware, sports articles, electronics… the list goes on, along with these girls’ amazing ability to stretch their tiny assholes and accommodate whatever they see (un)fit. So, for your delight, here are some mindblowing anal insertions. Continue reading

Kylie Jenner celebrates Kim’s victory over Taylor Swift with a hot dance!

Since the internet was broken by Kim Kardashian (once again), and this time it wasn’t because she revealed her boobs, ass or pussy… I’ve been in a constant state of admiration… arousal and thinking that Kim is one fierce lady! And I bet all that fierceness makes Kanye West go wild when they go to bed…

But what about the celebrations after all of this went down?! Anyone in the mood for anything special? Cause here’s one way of celebrating Kim Kardashian’s victory over poor Taylor Swift…


No surprise here that another member of the clan managed to seal the celebratory show… right? After all they are celebrity queens for a reason! Continue reading

Use your donut the right way and shoot a babe’s ass with it!

Don’t know about you guys but I love, love, love donuts! I adore them! I can’t live without them (and without dem good, hot, golden fries… but that’s beside the point right now)!!! They are a tasty miracle of the modern world… and they sometimes resemble a sweet pussy that can be devoured….

No… it’s not just my imagination talking… they can look pretty hot… when you use them properly! That if you either put them on your guy’s dick and give him a sweet hot rub & blow job… or you can get a bit wilder and try something else!

milk butt

Like shooting at a babe’s milky ass with a gun filled with donuts and filming everything in super slow motion…. Tasty as fuck… right? Continue reading

Feast your senses with slow-motion porn

The internet has a new porn passion, and it’s so fucking hot! Turns out, slow-motion porn is all the hype right now, with people searching it up more than ever and delighting in these wonderful scenes which capture every juicy detail.


These slow-mo visuals are absolutely amazing, as you get to enjoy every moment of the sex act, being able to see things which usually go past you in normal porn. The subtle movements and trembling of bodies, the arousing sex fluids drippin’ all over the place, the stunning beauty of boobs and assess jumping around and changing shapes… No wonder people are into this niche, it reveals sex in a completely different way, and it’s aesthetics are pleasing as fuck! I’ve gathered some hardcore slow-motion gifs to illustrate the glory of slowed down sex, enjoy the steamy scenes right after the jump! Continue reading

I cannot stop looking at these pictures of sexy hot naked girls!

I think by now you should’ve realized that I am obsessed with women 😀 . I’m always talking about girls and what I would like to do to them.

But I cannot deny the fact that these beautiful creatures are appealing to the eye. Their delicious bodies are like honey and they need to be tasted. Their beauty needs to be consumed or else it’s going to fade away. Every inch of a woman’s body needs to be studied like an archaeologist studies it’s artefacts.

So… basically I’m interested in everything that has boobs and a pussy :))

poza principala

Or a nice piece of ass like this girl over here!

These pictures are made by Javier Antruejo, a drummer, photographer and illustrator, according to Alrincon. Please enjoy the gallery!

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