Sex, tattoos and night-long orgies… the alternative mature life

I have a confession to make… I’m really into alternative looking mature women who own their sexuality and don’t let their age stop them from having the best bangs of their lives. I used to go to swinger clubs just to feast my eyes on these magnificent women and their wild adventures.


Boy, did we have fucking fun! Watching these fiery vixens in action was more than hypnotizing, their lust and energy were almost palpable as they banged the nights away with other people, swinging with their hubbies with no fear or inhibition. You should have seen all those threesomes, lucky guys getting their cocks shared by horny mature chicks and babes getting double penetrated by studs with big throbbing cocks…


Some of my favorite action was all the interracial fucking going on. Witnessing white chicks experiencing BBCs for the first time… priceless!


I remember masturbating passionately while watching voluptuous women suck cock with incredible skill and desire… More often than not they’d stop and share it with me, I’d find myself taking turns slurping on it and swapping cum…


When I grow up, I wanna be like them… tattooed, pierced, insatiable, up for night-long orgies and swinging, ready to live life to the fullest…

Toodles from Venus ❤

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