Naughty Kylie Jenner is the queen of calendars this year!

This is the year of the calendars! The year when every chick out there is getting rid of her clothes and showing us juicy body parts each month… Yep… all fun and games until things got pretty steamy! Like really, really hot! Cause Kylie Jenner joined the movement and shot her own version of 12-month of guaranteed pleasure!

Kylie Jenner

Who else can speak? Or Talk straight? Or Anything?

Cause Kylie Jenner is almost naked… and she’s also almost sucking… what red blooded being would be capable to ignore that?!

Kylie Jenner


Not me definitely! Cause as you probably already saw… I’m a sucker for calendars (and other hard somethings that are always welcome)!

Kylie Jenner

And if any of them feature the Kardashians or the Jenners… I’m all in baby!

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner

Or better said… all wet and ready to do something with myself! J))

Kylie Jenner

Can I please insert money and maybe something else? Cause my fingers are itching! They need to have fun inside Kylie like yesterday…


Damn… those summer months are so damn hot! I’d eat cake from Kylie’s body everyday on August if I had the chance… PS: I usually prefer chocolate but whipped cream works too! Everything that includes licking works wonders for me!

Fucking delicious! See for yourself!

You’re WelCum! ^_^


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