A day at the naked gym in Brazil!

After starting to work on building and opening ErotikaLand, a sex themed park that’s gonna have some insane sex entertainment features… some guys from the land of sex and samba decided to open a naked gym!

Yeah… you got it right! A gym… that place where you work out hard… sweat your ass off and then your sexy yoga pants cling to your pussy making it a living wet dream for everyone in the room!

Wondering why they decided to lose the clothes? Well… it’s easy if you ask me… you’re sweating anyway… everything gets see through … why not just enjoy it all to the fullest?! Who knows what kind of surprise sprints you’ll get then…

Naked Gym

And imagine how a regular morning starts in one of those places… hot asses bouncing up and down when babes are using stability balls… sexy grunts and moans when they get to something more difficult like some slippery blowjob push up variations?!

Naked Gym

It’s just the kind of work out I wish I HAD every morning! I’d go to the gym… wet, ready and willing to start my daily routine… I’d listen to my personal trainer and let him show me how it’s done… cause there’s nothing better than a hands down, cocks in kind of warm-up I tell you!

Naked Gym

I’d just love to go through all of the fitness equipment from the gym… and finish off in style at the weight bars after a long fucking workout! Yeah… in the end clothes would be a thing of the history and cum would be all over my face and body… mixed with my hot pussy juices and dragged all over my sweaty body!

Naked Gym

Sounds like a dream, right?!

I just wish they’ll open a naked gym nearby soon! Cause I can’t wait to mix business with pleasure and get fit while getting fucked!

You’re WelCum! ^_^


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