Sex, tattoos and night-long orgies… the alternative mature life

I have a confession to make… I’m really into alternative looking mature women who own their sexuality and don’t let their age stop them from having the best bangs of their lives. I used to go to swinger clubs just to feast my eyes on these magnificent women and their wild adventures.


Boy, did we have fucking fun! Watching these fiery vixens in action was more than hypnotizing, their lust and energy were almost palpable as they banged the nights away with other people, swinging with their hubbies with no fear or inhibition. Continue reading

It’s a fucking celebration and you’re invited to cum

In the mood for some kink, I wait for you naked by the pool, pussy all wet in anticipation. The Latin weather and all these juicy asses are making me hornier than ever. You come over with a big smile on your face, cock all hard, eager to touch my lips with it.


I tell you my ass is dying for affection, you laugh and oil up my butt, just in time for some good old-fashioned spanking. Continue reading

Hardcore fantasies and long wild fucks, caught on tape…

Back in the day, when we were wild and always up for kinky adventures, we used to record these adventures and make our own sex tapes.


We didn’t watch them right away, we would wait for time to pass and memories to fade. Years later, we’d reunite and throw viewing parties, exciting ourselves with all the indecent sexcapades of our past… boy, were we wild and proud! Continue reading

I have a dream… threesomes, hot babes, endless orgasms

I’ve been having the same dream lately, one of those wet fantasies from which you wake up cumming… I’m in an unfamiliar place and I hear someone moaning from another room. I walk around, trying to locate the source of the sound, when I stumble upon three gorgeous babes satisfying each other’s pussies in a lustful lesbian threesome.


I can’t believe what I’m seeing, these hot nymphs are so passionate, and they want me to join them. Just as I’m about to undress and sit with them, the image fades and I find myself into a different room, watching hot chicks getting satisfied by beautiful throbbing cocks. Continue reading