Lesbi Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

Nothing goes better together than booze and Irish girls. They are a killer combination.

There’s something about their pale skin and freckles.

But while they might look all cute and innocent, they are real beer-guzzling legends.

So, on a day like St. Paddy’s day, what they will do… is flood the streets and drink themselves into oblivion.


That’s all great news so far…  But accidents can happen too…


Of course, nothing at this point can ruin the fun. Hard-partying runs through their veins and getting wasted or playing with bottles is all part of the fun.



The really great thing here is… that the faster they will get drunk, the more easygoing they will be.


They will not only peel off their clothes but their inhibitions as well…


These girls are definitely in the St. Patrick’s spirit… 🙂



Make no mistake though. As much as these chicks love to parade their assets and play with each other… they love a deep-throat challenge even more.

I guess I’ll have to put on my slutty green outfit tonight and just hope that I’ll get lucky…

Rocking an Irish girl’s world and tasting her sweet-sweetness has been on my bucket list for far too long now… 😀



Cinco de Mayo: 3 steps for nailing it!!!

Start your day by dressing the right way…

The sombreros… the mustaches… and don’t forget about the holly TEQUILA!!!

Cinco de mayo

You’re all set now!

Go crash some of the parties in town… Or throw your own with the right friends!!!


Or stay in… and hope to get visited by some horny mariachis… Ay ay ay…!!! Tantoo caalloooorr!


Just don’t forget to make it spicy as fuck!

You’re WelCum! ^_^


Happy Secretary Day!!!

So tomorrow is secretary day, yeeeeeay!… and of course it’s the perfect time for naughty coffee delivery and some office dirty talk! So girls… put on your tight skirts… office shirts… black lace stockings and the biggest pair of black heels and work it!!! 🙂


Don’t forget you are the one who needs to provide all the happy endings today and you have a big-ass pile of things to take care of! You know… all of those tasks that you must HAND-le today… all of the mail that needs to be sorted and all of those adult magazines that need to be analyzed… you can’t let your boss take care of himself without your help right?!


And talking about care!!! Forget all about the 50 Shades of Grey soft-punishment… if you’re late today you’re gonna’ get one hell of a spanking!


And I bet you’ll love it!!! Don’t worry about what your boss will think next tho’! After you finish celebrating with him he’ll be all over you every time you get at the office!

You’re WelCum! ^_^


PornDoe’s Naughty Easter Hunt

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PornDoe's Naughty Easter Hunt



My dear…

Guess what? Your dick is black!

Haaaaaaaaappy April Fools’ Day! 🙂

If it’s black indeed, then congrats! 🙂

And if it’s not, don’t worry I have the best news! You can still have sex! Wooork it, papi! Woooork it!

And believe me you should, don’t waste any more time cause otherwise this is how your life would look like:

Now go and show that girl that you know how to do it right!

You’re WelCum! ^_^