Naked Celebrity of the Month: Emily Ratajkowski

Besides being besties with the one and ONLY Kim Kardashian-West and posting naked selfies on Twitter….

emily whatever

Emily Ratajkowski just happens to be one of the hottest celebrities alive!

emily ratajkovski2

Luckily she loves nude photo shoots so we can’t say we’ll ever be out of fapping material starring this sexy babe!

emily ratajkovski3

But let me introduce you guys properly… 😉


Emily got famous after staring in Robin Thicke’s  “Blured Lines” video where she wandered naked without having any care…

emily ratajkovski4

Soon after her first appearance on screen, the London born model started to work for names like GQ, Treats! magazine, Cosmopolitan, InStyle, FHM, Sports Illustrated, Love magazine and many more!

emily ratajkovski5

And of course she didn’t stop there! This gorgeous girlie went on the big screen too by starring in movies like Gone Girl, the Entourage series, We are your friends and The spoils before dying!

emily ratajkovski1


She’s simply delicious!!!

emily whatever

You’re WelCum! ^_^