Naughty talk vs being rude

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Most of us will have watched our fair share of naughty movies, and there is nothing wrong with that! In fact there are so many sites where we can watch that sex scene for a quick porn fix that we don’t even have to go through a full movie… but let’s not digress here. The one thing that often strikes us is how the participants talk to each other, with the man often calling the lady a certain amount of names that can be seen as more or less negative. So it begs us to wonder: do we need to talk like that during sex; does name calling and dirty talk actually make for a hotter and better time; or are those participants in porn scenes just being plain rude? Continue reading

Pegas Productions launches Free Videos Section

Hell Yeah! Pegas Productions is launching its new section with full videos 100% free and available for everyone! No need to subscribe or enter your credit card information to see them! Full 28 minutes free videos are available directly on Pegas Productions website, in the free videos section. Furthermore, every thursday there’ll be a new porn video update.

But that’s not all! Every Sunday, Pegas Productions will give you a free Bonus video. Time to watch some bloopers, interviews, striptease for free.

Feast your eyes and excite your senses with top Canadian content!

Find out more on the Pegas Productions blog.

Her Limit – Hot sex kitten Lyen Parker gets her freak on for a memorable rough fuck

Her Limit is the hardcore series where beautiful European pornstars give up boundaries and go for intense, rough sex. Produced by Titus Steele, it features amazing babes losing themselves in pleasure as they experience extreme sensations, from deep facefucking to fast anal, slapping and so much more. It’s a feast for the senses, and even more so for the eyes of the viewers!


The latest scene features sultry Hungarian redhead Lyen Parker. Dressed in a kitten costume and with a cat tail butt plug, Lyen is in for some amazing rough lovin’ with talented Mugur. She has mad deepthroating skills, you should see how resilient she is while choking on dick! They throw an amazing performance and she’s left all starry eyed and high from all the orgasms!

If you’re in the mood for hard and dirty, you have to see this!

The future of men and AI sex robots, with Harriet SugarCookie

In an attempt to gauge the sexual psyche of men in a robotic future, men’s adult lifestyle website polled 500 men to measure their views on the future of sex with female sex robot that can mimic human emotions. Site founder Harriet Sugarcookie’s new article, “Intelligent Robots Are Coming, Are We Ready?” charts men’s fetishes in a revealing infographic about the future of interactive sex toys and their potential personal attachment to them. Continue reading

Sex, tattoos and night-long orgies… the alternative mature life

I have a confession to make… I’m really into alternative looking mature women who own their sexuality and don’t let their age stop them from having the best bangs of their lives. I used to go to swinger clubs just to feast my eyes on these magnificent women and their wild adventures.


Boy, did we have fucking fun! Watching these fiery vixens in action was more than hypnotizing, their lust and energy were almost palpable as they banged the nights away with other people, swinging with their hubbies with no fear or inhibition. Continue reading