Australian Vet students do it like on the Discovery Channel for naked calendar issue

“You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals”… so we should do it everywhere! Doggystyle… outdoors… behind the bushes and under the clear blue sky… and if you’re not sure if that’s the best way to go… Let these vet students from Australia show you how it’s done in their naked calendar!

Naked calendar

They know a thing or two about how to use their ASSets and gain some money for charity! And that’s why they decided to go back to their roots… try on Adam and Eve’s costumes and make the Vet Calendar 2016 possible!  

Naked calendar

The result? A fucking hot naked calendar featuring 65 gorgeous University of Sydney students that are letting it hang loose in the middle of nature while having a blast!

Call that special bonding! After seeing what my colleagues were hiding under their clothes for so long… I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything else than doing it “like on the Discovery Channel”!

Naked calendar

Riding it bare… getting on their knees… doing it doggystyle and then getting the sweet taste of some white goodness! That’s the way to spend your College years… mixing business with pleasure and always cuming more than once!

And when you think your pleasure can benefit others too… you’ll feel even more empowered by exploring the natural way!

Just put your fingers to good work… and order the naked calendar! You’ll not only help local farmers and ranchers that were affected by a severe drought… but you’ll also get a closer look of some of the most beautiful views in the world!

Cocks and pussies spending some quality time in front of the camera… bouncing boobs and satisfied faces! No clothes to hide the essential parts or get in the way… and no restraints!!!

A college wet dream in the form of a naked calendar! What could you want more?!

You’re WelCum! ^_^



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