Natural History lesson with a bunch of naked babes

Remember all of those long boring hours when your parents took you to the Natural History museum and everybody insisted in visiting all the halls & learning every little thing about our ancestors?

Well… let’s say that from now on, you’ll be wanting to do this trip more than once a week!

Yep! You got it right! You’ll be wanting to learn all about nature when the exhibit will feature these ladies…


Cause these gals from the latest Normal magazine issue are here to get you back to your roots and show you how real hunting was going down back in the days… Continue reading

All I want for Christmas is boobs!

A new watch? Maybe a new drone? Or something for the garden? That’s what you might want for Christmas right now… but no guys! That’s now how you roll… let me help you! All you want for Christmas is boobs!

Yeah! Nice, round, soft, sexy boobs with piercings & hard nipples that are waiting to be licked! And maybe covered in a bit of a festive attire! Just perfect to heat up the winter days and make everything steamy as fuck!


The right kind of Christmas decorations if you ask me…. I won’d be needing anything else as long as I get to play with these Reindeers! They just seem like my type of dirty winter season fun!
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Sex, tattoos and night-long orgies… the alternative mature life

I have a confession to make… I’m really into alternative looking mature women who own their sexuality and don’t let their age stop them from having the best bangs of their lives. I used to go to swinger clubs just to feast my eyes on these magnificent women and their wild adventures.


Boy, did we have fucking fun! Watching these fiery vixens in action was more than hypnotizing, their lust and energy were almost palpable as they banged the nights away with other people, swinging with their hubbies with no fear or inhibition. Continue reading

Pornstar of the week: Carmella Bing

Well known for her hot moves and sexy attitude, Carmella Bing is a porn actress of Hawaiian and Italian heritage that was ready to get in the porn industry from early on and she started being featured on industry sites by November 2005.

 Carmella Bing

She was hoping to become a porn star to raise her price as an escort and decided not to leave the industry because she loved making sex on in front of the cameras. Continue reading

Naughty Kylie Jenner is the queen of calendars this year!

This is the year of the calendars! The year when every chick out there is getting rid of her clothes and showing us juicy body parts each month… Yep… all fun and games until things got pretty steamy! Like really, really hot! Cause Kylie Jenner joined the movement and shot her own version of 12-month of guaranteed pleasure!

Kylie Jenner

Who else can speak? Or Talk straight? Or Anything?

Cause Kylie Jenner is almost naked… and she’s also almost sucking… what red blooded being would be capable to ignore that?! Continue reading