Australian Vet students do it like on the Discovery Channel for naked calendar issue

“You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals”… so we should do it everywhere! Doggystyle… outdoors… behind the bushes and under the clear blue sky… and if you’re not sure if that’s the best way to go… Let these vet students from Australia show you how it’s done in their naked calendar!

Naked calendar

They know a thing or two about how to use their ASSets and gain some money for charity! And that’s why they decided to go back to their roots… try on Adam and Eve’s costumes and make the Vet Calendar 2016 possible!   Continue reading

Hard, deep, hot and real… all the ways I want you to fuck me

I’ve been thinking of your magnificent cock, craving it more than ever, ’cause there’s nothing like the feeling of it sliding in and out of my wet, excited pussy. Feels like reality, this fantasy of us meeting again and fucking like never before.


I’m patiently waiting for you to come back and take me out, skip the walk in the park and replace it with some nice outdoor sex… Continue reading

Pornstar of the week: Adriana Chechik

Philadelphia native Adriana Chechik was born on November 30, 1992 and is a gorgeous brunette bombshell with a petite body filled sexy curves that make any human being drool. Her beautiful green eyes hide a naughty side that loves to be shown on and off the camera in wild scenes that always have a happy ending.

Adriana Chechik

But don’t think her body isn’t the only thing that helped Adriana Chechik get famous in the adult world! Her easy going attitude and her fragile age made her career take off right after she started doing business in the adult industry, both producers and fellow porn stars being greatly attracted to the beautiful babe. Continue reading

Not afraid this Halloween! Just horny & ready for a costumed fuck fest!

It was a cold, dark night… fog everywhere… and there was a bizarre silence that no one was used to anymore! The roads were empty, the woods seemed dangerous… and the atmosphere was just packed with that typical Halloween mystery… until suddenly the Bums Bus came to a stop and some strange things started happening!

You might think it was just the scary vibe of Halloween that’s just around the corner… but I’m not so sure that was it… They got lost… and instead of getting scared, crying & screaming… our guys got hotter & hornier and everything turned from a mad nightmare into a full on dirty adventure!


You know… how it goes… sometimes you suck at directions… and then a vampire shows up and sucks you too… Continue reading

Sex toys… like you’ve never seen before!

Bored of your old dildo and you’re looking from something better? Maybe something a bit on the wild side… that’s gonna make your senses explode and lead you to the happy land of never ending orgasms! Something that you’ve never seen or tried before…

Seems pretty impossible sometimes… right? My dildo collection can back that up… dunno what’s NOT in there! 😉

pig-tail-3 Continue reading