Pornstar of the Week: Leah Gotti

They say smart girls are surprising and can hide some really dirty secrets… It’s no wonder… all of those hours spent at the library must make for lots of pent up sexual energy!!!

Maybe that’s why after majoring in bio-technology and minoring in engineering, sexy Leah Gotti decided to try out her hand (or pussy) at some dirty play in front of the camera.


Her first step in the adult industry was taken when Leah was put as a joke in the Misss Exxxotica competition and she won! Fast forward a few steps and she was certain she wanted to try some solo girl scenes, then she was attracted to idea of girl on girl porn and soon enough (after breaking up with her boyfriend) Leah was full on sure she needed to stick a cock in her while getting filmed! Continue reading

Naked Constance Jablonski is gonna warm up the month of October!

Constance Jablonski is set to make us wet and horny as fuck this October with her latest LUI Magazine cover… so watch out for those public boners… cause they are inevitable!!!

Why? Cause Constance just made my dream come true and got naked for the cover of the French magazine… and let’s just say that Eve’s costume suits her absolutely great!!!!


That body of hers is just damn straight edible… it’s no wonder she’s a Victoria’s Secret Angel… with a body like that she could ask anything from me…. I’d give her all I’ve got as long as she’d let me lick those pretty thighs and play between them… Continue reading

Cold, wet and horny at the Annual North East Skinny Dip!

Young… mature… skinny… curvy… tattooed… men or women… they all got rid of their clothes and dived into the cold North Sea for charity at the Annual North East Skinny Dip!


Not minding the cold or being in public, 500 persons forgot all about being shy and showed their beautiful bodies… all for a good cause: to raise money for mental health…. And get us horny & wet! Continue reading

Underwater orgasms, unlimited fantasies – a horny letter to my first

I’m going to skip the prelude ’cause I’m really horny and I’m just going to tell you honestly: I so wanna get fucked by you.


I’ve been thinking so much about you lately, replaying in my head over and over all the precious times we banged… I always end up with my hand touching my pussy, cumming while imagining your perfect cock opening up my cunt and making it squirt with excitement…

Continue reading

Orlando Bloom in a threesome with Malin Akerman?! Yes please!!!

First it was naked paddling with Katy Perry… but now Orlando Bloom moved over to something way hotter, harder and wetter!

A steamy threesome with Malin Akerman and Kate Micucci on the set of their newest Netflix flick, ‘Easy’!


Let’s just say Orlando Bloom doesn’t disappoint this time either… and he seems to be knowing what’s he’s doing in there! Continue reading