From angry bees to The Magic Wand. Here’s a brief history of vibrators!

Hey ladies, how’s it going?! How are things down there? Everything running smoothly? Are your juices flowin’?

If yes, then I salute you! You go girls, make the magic happen! If no, then it’s OK, you’ll get there. You just need to practice, practice, practice. 😀

And since I brought up the subject I want to show you guys something related to it. A short history about vibrators.


Those lovely sex toys which make us tremble, wobble, scream, moan and feel much, much better every time we’re down or horny.

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Naked Olympics: Ready for some naked swimming lessons?

It was high time to talk about getting wet… and by wet… I mean dripping! The kind that doesn’t only mess up the sheets… but it makes everything around sticky and smells like pure ecstasy…

And to achieve just that… you just have to start the right way… in the pool… with a good swim…


Don’t know how to do it properly yet? Don’t worry… I’ve got some girls that I bet they’d be willing to help! Continue reading

Voluptuous model Alex Hanson bares it all in enticing book

Summer’s finally coming around again and I’m pretty excited to see what amazing seasonal photoshoots we’ll get to enjoy. Fortunately, the photos have already started rolling, so I want to share a shoot I’ve really enjoyed, featuring wonderful busty model Alex Hanson.


The stunning babe got immortalized on film by Jonathan Leder, who highlighted her sensational beauty and breathtaking curves with a beautiful series by the pool, where Alex looks both natural and titillating. Enjoy these enticing photos featured in the book “Alex” right after the jump. Continue reading

Pornstar of the Week: Rachel RoXXX

Hot Texas cowgirl Rachel RoXXX started getting attracted to the naughty world while working at Hooters until one of her friends helped her move to Los Angeles and join the sex industry. The blue-eyed stunner first began performing in explicit hardcore movies at the age of 23 in January, 2007.


Since then Rachel has gained many sex talents, and while it’s her POV blowjob videos that tend to get the most attention, this pretty little thing has performed in her fair share of hot and heavy anal scenes as well as a number of group affairs in both all-girl and mixed company. Continue reading

Feast your senses with slow-motion porn

The internet has a new porn passion, and it’s so fucking hot! Turns out, slow-motion porn is all the hype right now, with people searching it up more than ever and delighting in these wonderful scenes which capture every juicy detail.


These slow-mo visuals are absolutely amazing, as you get to enjoy every moment of the sex act, being able to see things which usually go past you in normal porn. The subtle movements and trembling of bodies, the arousing sex fluids drippin’ all over the place, the stunning beauty of boobs and assess jumping around and changing shapes… No wonder people are into this niche, it reveals sex in a completely different way, and it’s aesthetics are pleasing as fuck! I’ve gathered some hardcore slow-motion gifs to illustrate the glory of slowed down sex, enjoy the steamy scenes right after the jump! Continue reading